OpenX is a global technology company that provides digital advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers. Our first order of business was to rebuild their site, and their blog. Both had been neglected and suffered years of technical debt having had changed agencies multiple times. We tore it all down to just the content and recoded both sites from scratch. Since then we’ve helped with multiple other side project sites, built their Design System in Figma, and helped create efficiency systems for producing other marketing materials.

OpenX is a fairly large company, so we have had to pleasure to work with many people across the organization. Everyone is so uniquely talented and we’ve loved working with a team that brings so many strengths and is also appreciative of all the ways we’ve been able to help.

How We've Helped OpenX

  • Design
  • Established Their Pattern Library in Figma
  • Redeveloped the Site From Scratch to Reduce Technical Debt
  • Marketing Emails (Hand Coded & Hubspot)
  • Hosting & Security
OpenX Homepage
OpenX homepage redeveloped from scratch.
OpenX Design System
A preview of the OpenX Design System with colors, fonts, components, and more all defined for consistency across the brand.
OpenX Figma Designs
A preview of some OpenX designs in Figma showcasing the use of a grid system to maintain visual alignment across the site.
OpenX Sustainability Page
OpenX is the first company in the advertising, technology, and media sectors to receive independent verification that it has met the Net-Zero Standard requirements.

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