POV by OpenX


POV by OpenX is a unique alternative to a traditional blog. In fact it can hardly be considered a blog; It is a curated selection of expert business and marketing minds sharing their knowledge on the most complex and contested topics in digital advertising. Instead of releasing traditional blog posts, it focuses on creating ‘Issues’ with multiple articles that each get their own unique illustrations and layout styles.

This was a unique challenge from a Design System perspective because instead of having one global design system for the site, it also has to support a unique system for each issue, and further a unique system for each individual article. We solved this requirement by designing a sort of waterfall design system that established a global system for use anywhere, and an isolated design system for each issue/article.

How We've Helped POV by OpenX

  • Pattern Library in Figma
  • Development
  • Hosting & Security
POV by OpenX Homepage
POV by OpenX homepage.
POV by OpenX Design System
A preview of POV by OpenX's Design System with colors, fonts, components, and more all defined for consistency across the brand
POV by OpenX Figma Designs
A preview of some POV by OpenX designs in Figma.
POV by OpenX Article
An example of an article on POV by OpenX. Each article had its own illustration style and design.

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